About Us

How it Began…

After caring for her mother afflicted with Alzheimer’s for over 13 years and being an avid, lifelong, horse woman, the founder decided to combine the two and created this unique Equine Therapy designed to reach others in the present moment. There were many times her horses would share endless, unconditional love with her mother and quiet her almost immediately. It was a complete transformation, all in the present moment. This became the foundation of the Equine Touch Therapy organization she would come to establish.

As organization progressed, the need to offer the program to others with individual special needs began to grow quickly. Our program is now offered to numerous groups of individuals with special circumstances and needs.

Equine Therapy Connection was founded by Kelly Cox Vicari in 2019 in order to create a connection between horse and human. Through this unique touch therapy, we incorporate the company of horses and clients with hands-on, touch and sensory techniques.

In June of 2024, we officially rebranded our 501(c)(3) Non Profit’s name to “HEALING WITH HORSES LOUISIANA!” This exciting NEW NAME, clearly describes, EXACTLY what we do!

It is truly an HONOR to represent Equine Therapy AND Louisiana with our alternative, original, Touch and Sensory Therapy!

This non-mounted, touch and sensory therapy utilizes the art of bringing together horses and humans in an incredibly unique and special way. The results are endless in stimulating memory, decreasing depression, building trust, reducing anxiety, physical and mental enrichment, healing difficult challenges in life, and so much more.

Healing with Horses (fka Equine Therapy Connection) is honored to be one of the only Equine Therapy programs in Louisiana to specifically serve multiple groups of individuals who benefit from this extremely unique Touch Therapy. We are also one of only a few equine therapy programs in the country to be able to bring a therapy horse into facilities for the purpose of touch and sensory therapy. Our priority is to focus on the emotional, physical and mental well-being of our clients and applying the highest ethical standards.

Pictured above is Kelly’s Mom “Mrs. Bootsie” whom this endeavor is dedicated to.